“Testing, competing with, and criticizing others weakens and defeats you.” O’Sensei

Class Schedule:

 Kids Class- 5:30-6:15pm  Kids Class- 5:30-6:15pm
 Adult Class-6:30-7:45pm  Adult Class-6:30-7:45pm

Kids Class:

In the kids’ class, we work on the basics as well as an awareness of your surroundings by using exercises and set moves. Students are expected to pay attention, be respectful of others and have fun! Students can wear a training uniform called a “Gi”; long sleeve pants and shirt are also appropriate, provided they are button and zipper free.

Advancement in rank is done by completing the appropriate number of training days for that rank and a recommendation by Sensei. The test for advancement requires that the student can demonstrate their knowledge of the techniques in front of the class with a partner also called an “Uke”. Kids start with a 9th kyu test and work to a 1st kyu. It is a long process but worth every sweaty moment. Ages for the kid’s class are 6-12 and all are welcome.

Adult Classes:

The adults will work on basics as well as advanced techniques. Weapons training, using Bokken (wooden Training Sword) and Jo (Wooden Staff), makes up about a third of the overall training. Like the kids class, advancement in rank requires the student can demonstrate their knowledge of the techniques and weapons in front of the class with a partner (Uke). Adult’s first test is 5th kyu moving to 1st kyu, then shodan and up for black belt ranking.

Special Classes:

On occasion we will have guest instructors come to teach classes or to observe testing. Training with other instructors is a great opportunity for all students. There a several times a year when students will have the chance to attend a seminar with high ranking instructors from the TAA right here in Virginia.

Our goal is for all students to gain confidence and inner peace while training so that when they are off the mat they carry the same feeling of peace and confidence within them.


We are located in The Betty J Queen Center at 522 Industrial Drive Louisa, Virginia, 23903. The phone number is (540) 967-4424 and the contact person is Paula May Groome-Turney. You may email her at or

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